Ninja Saga FriendShip Kunai Cheat

Firstly, Go to Ninja Saga

Requirement (All Tools can be downloaded at "Useful Download" :

Charles Proxy 3.5 Download
Browser ( FireFox ) Download
Flash Player 10
Brain !!


  1. Make sure you already downloaded and installed Charles Proxy
  2. Now , Open Charles Proxy
  3. Go to Ninja Saga by clicking above links
  4. Back to Charles, search for this line "http://app.ninjasaga.com/"
  5. Expand it ( by clicking it ) and you will see line "amf/"
  6. Right click "amf" and select "Breakpoints"
  7.  Back to Ninja Saga, click "Invite Reward"
  8. The game will freeze ( it a normal ) and a "Breakpoint" tab will appear in Charles Proxy
  9. Click "Cancel"
  10. Another "Breakpoint" tab will appear
  11. Select  "Edit Request" and choose "AMF" 
  12. Find fb_invite_record and edit the "accepted" value to 25
  13. Click "Execute"
  14. Back to Ninja Saga , you will notice that the reward are available
  15. Claim reward "Genjutsu-Spint Touch"
  16. "Breakpoint" Tab will appear , click "Cancel" 
  17. Another "Breakpoint" Tab will appear ,Select  "Edit Request" and choose "AMF" 
  18. Find "error" and change the value to 0 and find "status" and change the value to 1
  19. Click "Execute"
  20. Go back to the Session tab, right click "AMF" and select "Breakpoint" to DISABLE the breakpoint
  21. Back to Ninja Saga , click "Jutsu" , you will notice that you gain the Spirit Touch skill
                                           if you still lost or unclear watch video tutorial below

Have Fun :)


Anonymous said...

Its Not Showing Ninja Saga!!

salko 123 said...

it is showing ninja saga just no amf